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Sep 19, 2010 10:00pm PDT
to have a direct pipeline, wife, mother, church secretary sandy glass. she said she had been hearing from god for years and would share what she learned with the congregation. god had told her that one of her babies would be born very early, but would be okay. and that was the case. god had also told her she needed a new car. so, she bought one. and it was a good car. members had heard that even the angel gabriel, best known for visiting the virgin mary and foretelling the birth of jesus christ, had also visited sandy glass. >> i mean, gabriel only appeared twice in the bible and third time was sandy glass. >> and then god told sandy and a few other members that there would be a devastating earthquake in seattle. >> so, you stockpiled a ton of food, waiting for this earthquake that hasn't happened yet? >> yeah. >> how much did that cost you? >> oh, hundreds and hundreds, thousands of dollars for sure. each family. >> for the most part, the members of christ community church were not people with money, but they believed. so, they did what god wanted as explained by sandy glass. then sandy
Sep 14, 2010 11:00pm PDT
-- >> when we found out our sandy was down there, this became a different story. >> stunned, the loved ones of the victims of the brutal explosion tonight. heartbreaking stories of loss, in particular, 81-year-old elizabeth torres. she was killed in thursday's blast. ironically her family and friends say she was waiting at home for pg&e to come ask fix her gas stove that evening and to check out the smell of gas in her home. >> tonight a puzzling contradiction in the investigation, though. the ntsb is reporting it has received at least 90 e-mails of people claiming they smelled gas before the blast. out of those e-mails, only one person said they actually reported it to pg&e. but pg&e maintains they have no record of anyone calling to report smelling gas. live team coverage tonight. >> first george joins us with elizabeth's tragic story. a mother killed and a daughter fighting to stay alive. george? >> reporter: cindy braun, her husband alan, and the sister are here at st. archbishandy arnold. they hope she will recover and return home soon. >> word spread quickly that one of their own was
Sep 27, 2010 8:30pm PDT
that there is a very intense conversation going on right now between types of funding. let's move on to sandy from new american media. how have these problems facing the mainstream set affected the ethnic media community and the jobs for ethnic journalists? >> ethnic media has been tremendously affected by the drop in advertising. it is embedded in the audience that service. -- that it serves. as mainstream media went into retreat, it had to expand. more people are looking to it for information and news. the audience has grown by 16% over the past five years. it is in the same situation of having to do more with less. the remarkable fact, i think that journalists and news is about what can access. to access to each other. something that gives us a sense of where we are in society. debbiwe in the media had a veryd time keeping up with the changes in society. how you keep up with the changes of san francisco if you are just one outlet. if a woman that lives in an alley starts off of the city lights in columbus, 91 years old, her building is sold into a tenant conversion into will be evicted after six ye
Sep 12, 2010 10:00pm PDT
the nave stroi see the world on an aircraft carrier, this man in the center of a secret. sandy burke is his eldest daughter. >> my dad was just a fun guy. he was very fun loving. he loved people. people loved him. people tended to gravitate towards my dad. >> especially women. that was not a secret. when lloyd went back to little ainsworth after his stint in the navy, one of the hometown girls caught his eye at the county fair. before long, they were married and that's how sandy came along and her little sister, pamela, who loved-hour dad, but apparently wasn't the only one. >> all of the women around here had huge crushes on him and his brother. i've always heard he had to have a woman in his life. >> when lloyd and his wife took their little family out west, it was, so they say, to get away from some other woman. anyway, that's where little tommy was born and lloyd learned to be a real family man. >> he loved fishing. he would take us fishing and we'd bring strings of fish home or sometimes we'd bring no fish home. >> we usually had them for breakfast. people look at me and say, you had p
Sep 13, 2010 4:00am EDT
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Sep 14, 2010 4:00am EDT
to take that 1-step? yes, i'm ready. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt. when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb. it works in minutes and up to 12 hours. bausch & lomb alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes. >>> check out hurricane igor, getting bigger by the day, now spanning more than 1,000 miles. the winds dipped slightly overnight to 140 miles per hour. but igor is still on the verge of becoming a category 5 storm. the hurricane could threaten bermuda over the weekend and stir up rough surf all along the east coast. >>> and now, for a look at morning road conditions. flooding on i-70, 80 and 90 in kansas, nebraska and south dakota. wet on i-95, to san antonio. also, slick on i-15, from salt lake city to helena, montana. >> if you're flying today, expect weather-related airport delays only in salt lake city and dallas. >>> we are now seeing some new pictures this morning from that gas pipeline explosion in northern california. this w
Sep 21, 2010 9:00pm PDT
vote in the senate. >> warm fall weather is on its way. i'm sandy and i'll show you when temperatures hit mid 90's hear in the bay area. come right up. >> and student versus steve jobs. head of apple go too far in the e-mail response to far in the e-mail response to college senio i want you to >> mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous from his frere jacques... [ spking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french maerpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just tranerred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ]rom linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple toanage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help yowrite it. but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take ov the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid f. they never worked. fact: brown promised o cut crime. but mders doubled, making oaklanthe 4th
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm PDT
an hour and a half this afternoon. no word yet on the cause. sandy is here now with the lack at some of those bay area hot spots. sandy. >> we had over half dozen record if you step outside in most areas today you were roas roasting in the heat. here are the new records for today. santa rosa 104 degrees shattered the previous record of 103. san francisco 93 today. that also break the record. sfo 96. oakland international 96 and moffitt field 94 today. santa cruz believe it or not not exactly a warm beach day but hot beach day with 103 there and in salinas 102 degrees previous record was 101. other areas were plenty hot. take a look for yourself. 100 in concord. 100 degrees in livermore. 97 in san rafael. around half machine bay you got at bit of relief. not so hot. 75 degrees and enough of a sea breeze. 99 in morgan hill. san jose official high 96 degrees. now the fog is about 20 to 30 miles off the coast line. we are expecting the fog and sea breeze to begin cooling the beaches and bay tomorrow and then it will be felt inland by midweek. full look at the accu-weath
Sep 23, 2010 11:00pm PDT
warm weather around here. >> sandy here now with a look at what is ahead for us. sandy. >> you are going to feel the fall let as we head towards the weekend. today was certainly warmer. places like livermore up 15 degrees. 85 there. 79 in san jose. 74 for san francisco. santa rose, napa, 82 degrees. and it is only going to get warmer. down right hot by the time we hit sunday and monday. numbers right now in the 50's and 60's and the skies are clear. there is no fog to speak of. heat builds over the weekend with hottest day sunday and monday and we are expecting warm. beach weather. so if you don't like the heat just good to the coast. here's what is going to bring about the development of the heat. area of high pressure is a strong ridge that is developing and ridge takes over it pretty much warms the air mass. tap the sea breasts so we don't get much of a sea breeze and fog remains well off the coast line. so with clear start tomorrow morning expect sun to be up early. 6 to 12 degrees the warmer on average. inland area in the 90's. beaches you will be in the
Sep 24, 2010 9:00pm PDT
. warm for others this weaned. i'm sandy and i will have the full range of temperatures coming up. >> also ahead tonight. >> also ahead tonight. victory in a don't ask don't i want you to >> [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to ianbul. they settledn quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. t there's one thing they miss. their belod hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points itould take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi ankyou points can be used for almost anything you oose. at's your story? citi can help you write it. what were the facts? fact: march 72000. brown asks voters for n mayoral power to appoint school board members. heets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate ineases...50%. the school budget goes into a 0 million dollar deficit. the schools become so d...the state has to take them over. jerry own. failure as governor. failure as mar. failure we can afford now. is. >> many ski resort lo
FOX News
Sep 25, 2010 9:00pm EDT
in the vicinity. sandy point in central, wisconsin is getting some of its worst flooding in 17 years. officials say the flood threat is over in the western wisconsin town of arcadia. >>> authorities believe a frightening scene in sweden may be the result of a hoax. the pakistani airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing in stock home. a woman phoned in a tip that a passenger had explosives. all 273 people onboard were quickly deplaned far from the terminal building. police questioned a 25-year-old canadian on the plane and then released him. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "the battle for the future" hosted by john stossel. >>> i get to work most mornings. i take the subway. sometimes i take the bus. both the bus and the subways in my town are run by an organization called the mta, a government monopoly that is losing money hand over fist. most of that money goes to pay bus drivers, subway conductors, train mechanics and so forth. most of whom are union members and most belong to transit local union 100 run by john samuels. >> we represent 34,000 subway and bus workers. >> and th
Sep 8, 2010 4:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: andy and sandy john speaking out for the first time since their 9-year-old daughter was killed in that bike accident them want people to know their daughter becky was special and how much joy she brought to all the people around her. a grim task for sandy john. today the fairfax police station she picked up her daughter becky's bicycle. the bike the 9-year-old was riding when she was kill nine days ago. for sandy
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
. instead, andy and sandy johns want people to know how special becky was and how much joy she brought to the people around her. >> reporter: a grim task for sandy johns. today the fairfax police station she picked up her daughter becky's bicycle. the bike the 9-year-old was riding when she was killed nine days ago. for sandy johns, the painful questions linger on. >> why? why did this have to happen? and what about that poor guy that was driving? just why? why was my beautiful girl stolen from me? >> reporter: becky johns, a soccer player, a skier. in school, she was in the gifted and talented program. why she was born on valentine's day. her parents say she had a way of making everyone smile. >> i like to tell people, she never met a stranger. that she just, there may have been people she didn't like but she never treated them any different than she treated anyone else. i'm really proud of that. >> reporter: flowers, balloons, messages of sympathy marked a place where it happened. this place on franconia road. where becky and two other girl on their bicycles tried cross that day. >>
Sep 19, 2010 7:00am PDT
and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt hat, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia >>> check it out. you're looking at what's called the forbidden island. it's a privately owned hawaiian island, which is called niihau. actually bianna has a special pronunciation. do you want to say it? >> niihau. >> bianna golodryga, ladies and gentlemen. the family that owns this island rarely lets anybody visit. they did allow our cameras in. we were the first american news crew to visit. we'll take you there in our "weekend window." i asked for that assignment and was rejected possibly because i don't pronounce the name of the island correctly. >> you would have been given it if you just said nihau. i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, september 19th. >> and i'm dan harris. >>> also ahead, if you've got travel plans, maybe to niihau for this holiday season, expect your wallet
Sep 1, 2010 4:00pm PDT
any information on that? >> does anybody have any questions in regards to sandy. >> you describe that the bodies were found in response to the there's two bodies in the house. >> what i can say is that when he was confronted with the fact that bodies were located we do believe that he may have been involved and he did not react in a way that a normal person would react. >> and when can >> keep reacted in normal person would react. >> but at a neighbor's expected to come back? >> you of the listening to a joint news conference with the layout of hercules and there's also a representative from the c h c. this is all connected to an incident that happened last night with a high-speed chase where an officer killed a suspect whose name is ephron and inside the car that he was driving was a female body, it said each man found dead. we're going to continue to follow this story but we're glad to take a quick break and wrap up the many details of these multiple murders including this joint news conference with police as our team coverage continues. live from the bay area musician this is
Sep 2, 2010 4:00pm PDT
the saugfar go, thiss taken at a wedding of sandy's friend in january of 2010. so they were starting to a problem is one year ago, and he was showing signs of insecurity, jealousy. just a few days before that woman died, that she confessed that she was having second thoughts about the relationship and she was worried. will have more on as a chilling conversation between these two will be coming of a 4:30. and continuing coverage. with every breaking detail. ♪ >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge it sunny skies with the fog is approaching the coastline. temperatures are starting to cool. the coast with hot, inland. temperatures with triple digits at 100 degrees in livermore, 99 degrees in napa, 90 degrees in santa rosa, and starting to:half moon bay. san francisco, oakland will follow that and fog back in the picture starting tomorrow. >> a live look of sight it traffic. this is in walnut creek the 6 80/24 split. traffic is moving in the meeting clip in both directions. a lot more news, stay with kron 4 news. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really lov
Sep 3, 2010 4:30pm PDT
sandy to leave him. nephron had also lived with said the elan on and off during the last few years. charles has not been arrested on suspicion of holding explosives and knowing about the death of a woman. he was found where the bodies were found. >> while the has been dubbed the murder victim read alan made his court appearance. he was arrested when they discovered explosives in his home of the layout. after that they found the bodies of his wife and her friend. he joins us now to tell us what happened the day of the arraignment. dan? >> a lot of the focus has been on rittenhouse because it is one of the few involved that is still alive. he is not charged in connection with any of the murders because of the chemicals that were found is the reason he is in court. he still plenty of what to say about the connection to the murders. >> wearing a jail issue jumpsuit he appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to charges. his attorney would not say whether the explosives were his but she did say that he has no malicious intent. >> i do not think that he has done anything wrong. >> she al
Sep 30, 2010 4:30pm PDT
. 31 home runs and this month, alone. sandoval, the splash hit. for sandy, and thai this at one. and on the heels of that one, pour is accurate and in the fifth inning to give a may 2nd-1 lead cardiff torres and posey, with a 321. blasted a two-run. fast to give the giants a cushion, and the victory, 4-1! this locker room is as confident as i have ever seen it. it does not matter what the padres, due today. pages have to have a one day victory in the next three days. and it is it. they will move on to san francisco the nationals. and >> a raucous day and a mansion with the main course will be tomorrow with the padres. -i imagine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vern glenn and do not forget that we will have live coverage. and sports director, gary radickh start a, a par-4 our coverage. >> and we of kron 4 news here are seven of the top local stories and less than four minutes. >> and the san jose it students are prepared to take an entire week off even the school just started a few weeks ago. october 4th-october 8th, all class is in san jose unified school district clas
Sep 22, 2010 5:00am EDT
side. 11 minutes on southbound 95. this is a live view outside at the toll plaza at sandy point. so far so good. we switch over to a live view of traffic and this is southbound traffic. no delays to report from owings mills down to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. >> looking pretty good on the rails. no delays on penn, camden, and brunswick lines so far. light rail is on time. metro subway on time in east and westbound direction. we have a few construction delays on the buses. there is a diversion a white streak and pratt street. there is a diversion at central. now back to tony pann -- there is a diversion at light street and pratt street. >> we will probably see more cloud cover today. right now we're in the low 60's. it is 63 at the airport and in westminster. a bill but cooler up north near the pennsylvania state line. clouds will thicken up as we head through the morning hours. we could see some thunderstorms developing across a frontal boundary. we expected to come through here later tonight. the better the
Sep 1, 2010 4:00am PDT
-step? yes, i'm ready. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt. when allergies make them itch, don't wait for your pills to kick in. choose alaway, from the eye health experts at bausch & lomb. it works in minutes and up to 12 hours. bausch & lomb alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes. because it's not just your allergies, >>> and now, recapping our top story this morning. residents on north carolina's barrier islands have now been ordered to evacuate, ahead of hurricane earl. that powerful storm is expected to make landfall tomorrow or early friday morning. the governor of virginia plans to declare a state of emergency in his state later today. >>> and even a slight change in the storm's track could make an enormous difference. >> with the latest on the path, we're joined by accuweather's jeanette calle. hi, jeannette. >> good morning, rob and mike. we're keeping an eye on earl, which is a major hurricane. it is continuing to track to the northwest at about 14 miles per hour. it is north of his pan nola. but is it going to run e
Sep 2, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. it became an internet sensation. >> sandy has been tracking hurricane earl for us in. again a glancing blow it looks like along the carolina coast line. what are you expecting the storm to do. >>reporter: well the storm will continue to bring heavy rain wind and the potential for dangerous rip current. let's look at the storm. is a very large storm as you can see here. hurricane earl category 2 packing maximum sustained winds of 105 miles an hour and it is tracking to the north northeast at 18 miles an hour. remember the storm was category 4 just yesterday so it has weakened considerably. the aye of the -- eye of the storm in the as well defined. on live doppler 7 hd the heavy band of rain have been impacting the outer bank of north carolina. we have some reports out of there. the tv wednesday gust out of the north northwest at 35 and cape look out 48 miles an hour wind gust.i'll take you in a little bit closer here. you can see the yellow and orange indicating the heavier rainfall. right now around hat has moderate rain and wind gust close to 47 miles an hour so the wind and ra
Sep 16, 2010 4:00am PDT
and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt. >>> the number of americans losing their home to foreclosure has hit a new high. more than 95,000 homes were repossessed last month, up 25% from last year and the most since the start of the mortgage crisis. but the number of homes entering the foreclosure process slowed for the seventh month in a row. >>> the woman credited with the idea for the consumer protection agency will now be tapped to oversee it's creation. president obama will name harvard professor, elizabeth warren, as a special adviser, reporting to him and the treasury department. that means the fierce consumer advocate will not have to be confirmed by the senate. >>> no big moves in the overseas stock markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei average ticked down less than 0.1% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. meanwhile, in london, the ftse opened slightly lower. and on wall street, the dow gained 46 points yesterday. the nasdaq climbed 11 points. >>> many chase customers are realizing their biggest fears about online banking. a computer problem had prevented mill
Sep 7, 2010 8:00am PDT
where i've seen the soil is sandy. what are the special problems and issues where the soil is sandy? >> you can do one thing. look at a soil book here that's available that will tell you what the soil conditions are in your neighborhood. generally out there the biggest issue you're going to find is dense i fiation. it was only 15 seconds. that's the shortest magnitude 7 we've had. most are 30 seconds long. as the sand settles your building will settle. you're get dense ification and your building will settle. that's the largest problem you'll get and the fire that follows it. >> one of the points made earlier exactly where your building is located is important. there's a my grow zonation issue. where your building affects ho the building will respond. thank you for coming today. appreciate it. hope to see you a month from today. thank you. >> coming up on "california country," find out the secret to making these great desserts. and here's a hint they're berry, berry tasty. >> so, i have strawberries and blackberries and raspberries. and you can use any combination. >> next, these
Sep 1, 2010 7:30am PDT
: let's open it up to public comment. >> we do have public comment. sandy, bo and richard. if you could come forward, please. >> former president of the united states golf association. i've been playing golf for 85 years. i am acutely conscious of what golf can do for people who get involved in it. acutely conscious of what harding can do for this city. i'm acutely conscious of what the pga tour's involvement now has done for sure, but now will do in commission with taking on the management responsibilities for operations and indeed for marketing. and i want to say that i think it's the best of all possible worlds. and i can't imagine that there could possibly be any organization that could take on the problems and there are very serious problems with the management of this golf course, to take on the problems that this golf course poses and solve them in a way that would maximize the asset values that are there. it's worth some emphasis very briefly that the asset values are two-fold. one that is a priceless recreational resource. 85 years of exposure of playing the game, i happen to k
Sep 26, 2010 8:00am EDT
is a sponsor. and governor o'malley is here and sandy sigel. >> good morning. always great to have you. and wjz is our major sponsor here. >> reporter: maker somewhere a leader in finding cures for these diseases. can you talk about that a little bit? >> we have some of the greatest doctors and researchers and greatest institutions in healing and discovery anywhere in the country from johns hopkins university of maryland, nih. this is a state that prized itself on being a lead near discovering cures and healing. and that is true where prostate cancer is true too. this run, this great prostate cancer challenge has raised about a million dollars for prostate cancer cures. i think we all know someone that has been touched by prostate cancer. and i think it's great to see so many people here and dr. sigel is a great testament to our state. >> reporter: yes. the numbers are staggering, nearly a quarter million men diagnosed in the united states each year. >> governor, it's an honor to have you here this year. and i hope you see how important this is to the community and thank you for your support. y
Sep 23, 2010 9:00pm PDT
news. >>> okay. first full day of fall is come to an end. sandy is here item a hot one. >> yes. bust out the bathing suit. get ready for some beach or pal weather really it's nice and warm weather. >> scorching heat coming to us. >> inland area will approach the triple digit mark approaching monday so really some serious heat for fall. how appropriate. get you outside. we never really had much of a summer so we are going to give you summer in fall. live picture from the high definition camera. showing you the financial district. looking at the transamerica pyramid sitting under clear skies. no fog anywhere to be found here in the bay area and we are not expecting it tonight or tomorrow. so that sets the stage for another warm-up tomorr. today temperatures were already running warm. here's what it looks like writ now. mainly 60's. and 70's. concord, antioch, we have a few 50's in novato and a half moon basement hottest day sunday and monday and we are looking at warm beach weather for a stretch of several days. the here's what brings the heat. we have the ridge of high pres
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
reports. >> my yupgest is nathan, and he's 2. >> sandy tran says it was during her third pregnancy that she knew her family was complete. >> three is enough for me to take care of so i have time to focus on each and every one of them. >> but the decision about which birth control to use wasn't so simple. >> i've tried the patch, i've tried the depo shot, the birth control pills and i've tried the iud. i mean, none of them worked out great for me. >> that's when her doctor suggested the assure procedure. two coyles are placed in the fallopian tubes. scars are placed and block the tubes. at that point, assure is 97% effective. >> you want that permanent blockage there so you never have to worry about pregnancy in the future. >> dr. scott cramer says the procedure itself takes just ten minutes and it's done while the patient is awake. no sleeping and no recovery time. cramping and nausea are the most common side effects. >> there's really no long-term problems to having these placed in your tubes. it's similar to having a stent placed in your heart. >> dr. cramer says only about 30% o
Sep 24, 2010 11:00am PDT
but the warm sandy beach. how about that! if that's not your thing, a little higher elevation. here we are. taking a look down on lake tahoe which looks absolutely gorgeous, also. as far as what we're seeing, you can see that clear sky just about everywhere across the state as warmer weather is starting to take over. let's talk temperatures and what's going on here at home. already in the upper 60s around oakland, redwood city, los gatos, 66 san rafael. and that's the cool spot at the 11:00 hour. the rest of us low to mid-70s. the monterey bay, 69 santa cruz and monterey, salinas already 80 and gilroy. off to the races today with warmer than average temperatures and sunshine everywhere. good news, it's still going to stay clear and fairly cool at night. weekends, the beaches, they'll be in the 80s in the ocean water. the 50s. redwood city, 3 degrees above average. san francisco 9 and oakland 11 degrees warmer than average. yesterday we got back to average. today we jump above average and this weekend we just keep building the heat as this area of high pressure keeps building over the west
Sep 24, 2010 11:30am PDT
inviting water but the warm sandy beach. howbout that! if thas not your thing, a little higher elevation. here we are. taking a look down on lake tahoe which looks absolutely gorgeous, also as far as at we're seeing, you can see that clear sky just about everywhere across the state as warmer weather is starting to take over. let's talk temperatures and what's going on here at home. already in the upper 60s around oakland, redwood city, los gatos, 66 san rafael. and that's the cool spot at the 11:00 hour. the res of us low to mid-70s. the monterey bay, 69 santa cruz and monterey, salinas already 80 and gilroy. off to the races today with warmer than average temperatures and sunine everywre. good news, it's still going to stay clear and fairly cool at night. weekends, the beaches, they'll be in the 80s in the ocean water. the 50s. redwood city, 3 degrees above average. san francisco 9 and oakland 11 degrees warmer than avere. yesterday we got bac to average. today we jump above average and this weekend we just kep building the heat as this area of high pressure keeps building over the west
Sep 25, 2010 6:00pm PDT
clean up we were white sandy beaches and it's not, it's rocks and big items and chip bags and shoes and random items that people just litter. >> statewide the california coastal commission hoped to break last year's figures of almost 90,000 volunteers who picked up over one million pounds of trash. >> the high temperatures today prompted air quality officials to declare today and tomorrow a spare the air day around the bay area. the hot weather combined live winds contributed to poor air quality. the bay area air quality management district said those who breathing problems adviced to limit outdoor activities on days like today. >> it's certainly warm out there. check in with steve paulson who is filling in. >> yes we do have a temperature band that was in the 90s for many including downtown san francisco that hit 91 and we are still in the 70s and 80s. you can see on live storm tracker two. fog is way out there but the big story was the warm weather. still 90 santa rosa. sfo at 80, many other locations. outside right now we are looking at a hazy sky but skies clear. even on the
Sep 27, 2010 8:00pm PDT
. next to him is david calloway, editor in chief of next to him, sandy close, the director of new american media. she is also my executive editor and i get to hold the microphone up to her. let's begin the discussion. >> thank you. let's start with a question that is on many people's mind. with cutbacks and technology shifts, what has that done to the quality of news, barry parr? >> when i worked at the "mercury news" back in the 1990's, we were trying to compete with the paper. i am here to stay mission accomplished. it has been a tough 10, 20 years. i have to tell you, some of the greatest innovation and highest quality work is coming from the ground up. if you look back over the last year, one of the most crucial issues that has concerned in this country, health care reform, we really have to say the traditional media let the country down. it has been a significant problem in the country. in many ways, it is not perfect, it is never going to be perfect, but on the other hand, we have a lot of small innovators out there that are thinking -- changing the way
Sep 29, 2010 3:00am PDT
's patterns after what sandy a go had been doing by the time those bills were passed. we're very lucky in that we're unique in our region we have a regional water agency and a regional planning agency and that's been much'ier than in some areas of california that may have had multiple planning and water agencies dealing with issues and also has helped us enormously as we move forward in integrated plan again with the county of san die ago and the water authority and so forth. our integrated plan effort has actually gone relatively smoothly and flood control and waist control and water supply and we're with the agencies in our region. >> question on this side of the room? >> thanks. environmental defense. question for wally and less tear your water guys and delta guys. do you think there's development going on in the delta in flood prone areas that should not be prevented and if so what do you plan to do about it? >> most of it's going on in my water district. >> absolutely the issue of local development i don't believe can be dealt with locally. i think there's no way you can tell
Sep 8, 2010 5:30pm PDT
zealand is only recommended for more sandy. +++++u++5 commissioner hwang: ms. short, i do have a question. i just want to be sure. the sidewalk repair has not been undertaken. >> yes. commissioner hwang: then your department will possibly change its position? >> that is right. at the department to hearing, the decision of the director was to have us go out on site with the applicant when they undertake the sidewalk repair to try to reassure that we would not be creating an unsafe condition, and when decide what is opened up, of course, we can guess where the roots are, but when it is opened up, we might come in fact, reverse our decision. commissioner hwang: in the alternative would then be to grant this request? if you have not had an opportunity to determine whether or not those trees are proper? >> we would like to have the opportunity to look at the words and have an effort -- look at thre roots and have an effort. commissioner hwang: ok, thank you. vice president goh: there was testimony about them covering up the sign. whose responsibility is that? and when you're speaking about saf
Sep 15, 2010 12:00pm PDT
. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. net speaker, please? -- next speaker, please? >> my name is sandy tatum and i am a golfer. i have lived in the city for 55 years and have been very aware of what kind of bass said the city has in the park. it is absolutely priceless. that awareness was a factor when i started turning in my patches, realizing they would go to see that i could not bear it. i had been in it involved in various ways in trying to keep it alive. from the standpoint of knowing a lot about golfing administration, you could not possibly have a better reason than to have a pga to take on the project. making sure not just that it is properly maintained, but this is a very, very valuable asset. i have been aware of its potential for years and up we will now realize its potential. now, to take advantage of the fact that the pga was willing to come here to take on this project, i would have to say that i was very stimulated by the fact that i thought that the park provided a great basis for the establishment of a first tee program in san francisco. what that program does, simply,
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